Summer 夏天 - Beatrice's April Blog

posted 12 May 2016, 19:30 by Sophia Kor

This year is quickly winding down and I have started thinking a lot about my summer. I am making a lot of exciting plans. Because this year is my last year of high school, I have to start thinking about going to college. I will have to visit many colleges. I am excited to go look at colleges. Because college is so expensive in America, I will have to find a part-time job. I might work as a camp counselor at a science camp.

My parents want to take me and my sisters to see some concerts. I think that will be really fun. We are also going to Canada to celebrate my sister’s birthday. She likes to speak French so we will go to Quebec.

I am both excited and sad to be going home. I can’t wait to see my friends and family and have fun this summer, but I will miss Taiwan and the people I have met here.

今年很快結束. 我開始想一想這夏天我要做什麼. 我有很興奮的計畫. 因為這年是我最後年在高中,所以我應該開始想我要去那大學. 我很興奮去觀光很多大學, 但美國大學那麼貴,所以我要找打工. 備不住我可以當夏令營指導者.

我的爸媽要帶我和我的兩個妹妹去看一些音樂會. 我覺得是很好玩. 我們也去加拿大慶祝我妹妹生日. 我沒去過加拿大, 可是我有很好的感覺. 我的妹妹喜歡說法文所以她要去魁北克.

我又高興又不幸的感覺. 我很想回美國 看我的家庭和朋友, 可是我會想念台灣