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The official news and announcements of the NSLI-Y iEARN Taiwan Program
  • NSLI-Y Week 8  In their eighth week in Taiwan, the NSLI-Y students have more or less settled into their daily routines at Wenzao University.  On October 24th and 25th, however, the students took a very special trip to San Hua High School in Tainan. There, they spent an action-packed two days with a group of 20 exceptional San Hua students and were able to experience life in Taiwan as a teenager, which was a nice break from their university lives!After being greeted by the enthusiastic San Hua students, everyone made their way to the library, where the NSLI-Y and San Hua students took turns giving presentations on special foods from their respective countries.  They then worked together to complete ...
    Posted 27 Oct 2014 00:45 by Yen Chiang
  • NSLI-Y Week 7 文藻華語中心演講比賽 On October 15, 2014, two NSLI-Y students, Molly and Ryan, participated in Wenzao University's Speech Contest.  In Molly's speech, she explained how she hoped to experience the heart of Chinese culture during her time here in Taiwan in addition to improving her Chinese language skills.  Ryan's speech described a time when he got on the wrong bus going home; although he was nervous at first because of his mistake and was unsure of his surroundings, he was able to make it into a cultural learning experience.Although Molly and Ryan did not place in the contest, their efforts were highly impressive and commendable!  The NSLI-Y and iEARN staff are all very proud that these two ...
    Posted 27 Oct 2014 00:11 by Yen Chiang
  • NSLI-Y Week 6 拜訪當地廟宇 On Wednesday, October 8, all ten NSLIY students visited Sanfong Temple and the Sanfong Zhong Street market for a taste of traditional Taiwanese culture.  The previous Friday, the students took a special cultural enrichment class where they learned about temple and folk culture in Taiwan.  Teacher Gong taught the students about Taiwan’s three main religions (Confucianism, Buddhism, and Daoism) as well as folk beliefs and superstitions (e.g. the goddess Mazu, lucky and unlucky numbers, what gifts to not give in certain social situations).  On Wednesday’s trip, the students could see for themselves all the curious and decidedly “foreign” things Teacher Gong told them about.   When the students arrived at Sanfong Temple, they were immediately struck by the ...
    Posted 27 Oct 2014 02:12 by Huachen Lo 羅驊真
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[2014/10/19] NSLIY美國學生參與文藻校慶活動
南春捲等展現各個國家獨有的特色小吃。NSLIY學生則推出face painting臉部彩繪以及ice float 漂浮可樂兩種他們心目中的美國特色!

雖然ice float的冰淇淋在港都這炎熱的天氣下,實在抵擋不住融化的命運,經過的大小朋友都還是捧場買了不少杯漂浮可樂!

臉部彩繪尤其受到歡迎!大師級的安東尼接了好多case!學生安莉兒這個臉譜就是由安東尼彩繪的!IEARN Taiwan吳翠玲理事長、謝齡萱秘書長、




NSLI-Y Taiwan 2014-15 students' Monthly Updates 學生每月日誌分享
Each NSLI-Y Taiwan student will update us with one post every month!
  • My Weekend in Tainan These past few weeks have been so amazing. Not only has my sense of the language grown but my ability to understand the culture has grown significantly. I feel so ...
    Posted 28 Oct 2014 05:17 by Yen Chiang
  • Tainan FTW This weekend we NSLI-Y students, along with our new-found friends from Shan Hua High School, had the most wonderful time in Tainan. One experience in particular that I ...
    Posted 28 Oct 2014 05:16 by Yen Chiang
  • Hospital Vacation Hospitals in Taiwan are very different from hospitals in the U.S. 2 weeks ago I was very ill and had to be sent to the hospital. It wasn't ...
    Posted 26 Oct 2014 22:30 by Yen Chiang
  • Tainan School Visit Upon hearing of our plans to spend the weekend visiting a high school in Tainan, I was immediately excited, but I had no idea what to expect. I was very ...
    Posted 26 Oct 2014 22:15 by Yen Chiang
  • Freedom of Choice Taiwan is all about variety. When I walk into a restaurant, store, or even the 7-Eleven, it’s never just “oh a Sprite and some chips is what I ...
    Posted 15 Oct 2014 01:52 by Yen Chiang
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NSLI-Y Taiwan 2014-15 students' Vlog 學生每月影音分享
  • Ryan Struss's Tainan Experience
    Posted 30 Oct 2014 05:42 by Yen Chiang
  • Molly's Wenzao Speech Contest speech At Wenzao Ursuline University College of Languages where I study Chinese they recently had a speech contest for the international students. I decided to participate because it was a good chance to improve my Chinese and have some fun. Here is a video of my speech! I was so nervous but tried my best! Below is the transcript in Chinese and English!  大家好!我的名字是茉莉。茉莉花的茉莉。今天我要說的題目是'為什麼我喜歡來台灣學中文"。我來自美國,由美國媽媽扶養我長大。媽媽在我小的時候,從中國領養我到美國生活。因為我看起來就像一個台灣人或是大陸人,一般人看到我都以為我會說國語,可是當我一開口說話,大家就覺得很驚訝! 我來台灣的第一個目標是把中文學好,希望我能夠說流利的國語。第二個目標則是希望學習傳統的台灣文化和語言。我覺得跟別的國家比較起來,台灣能夠提供一個適合學習中文的環境,是個比較理想的地方。台灣人都非常友善也很誠實,很能夠接受外來的人。在這裡,生活的環境跟氣氛讓人感到輕鬆自在。 最近我的美國妈妈問了我一個問題。他問我"簡體字跟繁體字有什麼差別"我舉了一個例子給妈妈聽。我說,以"愛" 這個字來說,簡體字的愛跟繁體字的愛就很不一樣。簡體字的愛沒有'心'可是繁體字的愛有心。這讓我感覺到台灣是華語文化的中心。 台灣人保留傳統的繁體字,也得以保存傳統的花語文化。簡體字有時候可能會破壞文字的美感,也可能減少了傳承中國傳統文化的機會。 對世界上每一個國家而言,最重要的知識就是文字。透過文字,一個國家得以對全世界傳達自己的文化,語言,和傳統。我很高興我能有這個機會到台灣學習,我期許自己能在台灣學好中文,文字和華語文化。這是我這一年的目標。謝謝!Hello everyone! My name is Molly. My ...
    Posted 26 Oct 2014 22:46 by Yen Chiang
  • Zoo Vocabulary with Ryan Lee
    Posted 26 Oct 2014 22:42 by Yen Chiang
  • Trashical Music
    Posted 26 Oct 2014 22:36 by Yen Chiang
  • Shakespeare in Kaohsiung: An Intercultural Experience
    Posted 20 Oct 2014 21:45 by Yen Chiang
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