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來台前的準備@ NY 2014/08/25-2014/08/26 PDO

posted 11 Sept 2014, 05:04 by Unknown user   [ updated 23 Sept 2014, 02:07 ]

[2014.09.11 NSLI-Y news update By Jenny & Yen]

Before the students arrived in Taiwan, they participated in an intensive two-day orientation in New York City.  Throughout the two days, the students discussed their hopes and expectations; created language and culture goals; and learned about the process of culture shock and what cultural differences they may face in Taiwan.  The students were very enthusiastic and couldn’t wait to leave for Taiwan!  Some things they were most looking forward to were the food, shopping at the Dream Mall, going shrimping, and learning more about the Hello Kitty phenomenon.

離開美國之前,美國學生們先從自己的家鄉飛抵紐約iEARN USA的所在地集合並且進行為期兩天的行前說明會。整整兩天的時間,美國學生分享了他們對於接下來這10個月的期許和期待,也針對可能面對的文化衝擊和跨文化溝通的難題做討論。美國學生們都很期待既將而來的新生活,尤其對於台灣的美食,購物,釣蝦等等文化活動充滿著期待。