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2014~2015 NSLI-Y Taiwan Program 開始囉!

posted 11 Sept 2014, 05:42 by Unknown user   [ updated 23 Sept 2014, 01:57 ]
On August 28, 2014, ten of the United States’ best and brightest high school students arrived in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, to begin their nine-month long study abroad adventure.  These students, hailing from all around the United States, were chosen to participate in the National Security Language Initiative for Youth (NSLI-Y) scholarship program; they will be living with host families and studying Mandarin at Wenzao University until the end of May.  The students’ names are: Brendan Ryan (Mississippi); Ryan Lee (Oregon); Ryan Struss (Texas); Antonio Santa Cruz (Texas); Molly Breuger (Virginia); Haleigh Copley-Cunningham (Ohio); Morgan Brackett (Idaho); Freya Quist (Colorado); Anel Torres (California); and Elizabeth Stewart (Maine).

The students met their host families in a fun and jovial ceremony.  The students and their host families played a little puzzle game to get to know each other before going to their new homes.  These ten students are sure to improve their Mandarin skills, and they will undoubtedly have an enriching and unforgettable experience in Taiwan!

2014/08/28 經過長途的飛行與車程,十位美國學生總算抵達高雄展開新年度的華語文以及台灣文化的學習。

10位學生分別是: Brendan (王新舜)、Ryan Lee (張宜剛)、Ryan Struss (瑞安)Antonio (安東尼)、Molly(潘蔚)、Haleigh(匡海麗)、Morgan(柏可晨)、Freya(祈聖虹)、Anel (安莉兒)以及Elizabeth (石伊麗)。