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NSLI-Y Week 2. 美國高中生初到高雄

posted 17 Sept 2014, 07:06 by Unknown user   [ updated 27 Oct 2014, 00:43 by Yen Chiang ]
[9/17/2014 NSLI-Y news update by Yen]

Last week, the students continued their intensive Chinese classes at the Center for Chinese Language and Culture (CCLC).  They also met other international students at Wenzao University and worked with Wenzao students to register for their fall semester classes.


On Saturday, September 13, 2014, all ten NSLI-Y Taiwan students went on their first NSLI-Y program trip.  The students traveled to nearby Qijin Island, a small island near Kaohsiung that is accessible by a five-minute ferry ride.

Before taking the ferry over, the students enjoyed one of Taiwan’s staple desserts: Shaved ice!  The restaurant the students visited is the most famous in Kaohsiung, famed for its oversized bowls of ice in an incredible amount of flavors.  The students practiced their menu reading skills, which they practiced in their intensive Chinese classes as well as their private tutoring time, to pick the shaved ice flavors they wanted: Mango, Chinese barley with milk, and assorted fruit.


After eating their fill, the students then rode over to Qijin Island.  Once there, the students walked up to the island lighthouse, where they enjoyed stunning views of the ocean and the island.  “Qijin is easily the most beautiful place I have visited on my trip so far,” said student Brendan Ryan of Mississippi.  The students also enjoyed the beautiful black sand beaches before eating at Qijin’s iconic seafood restaurant, Ya Jiao Seafood Restaurant.  After dinner, the students were able to practice more of their menu-reading and transaction skills by walking around the island’s busy main road and sampling the many street food and seafood stalls. 

[2014.09.17 NSLI-Y news update By Jenny]

2014/09/13 iEARN-Taiwan也安排高雄旗津半日遊,學生們都很開心可以遊覽高雄,慢慢地發掘高雄的美麗。