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NSLI-Y Students Participate in Community Service Project in Rural Chi Shang

posted 27 Mar 2014, 00:52 by Logan Krusac   [ updated 11 Apr 2014, 02:04 by Unknown user ]
IEARN TAIWAN在旅行中特別安排NSLI-Y學生到池上做社區服務。池上位於台東縣、花蓮縣之交界處,是台灣著名的米鄉,同時也有許多獨居老人。NSLI-Y學生透過池上當地非營利組織的協助,學習烹煮當地盛產的地瓜,並且送到獨居老人府上表達關懷。除了食物,NSLI-Y學生們也練習並表演了台語歌-望春風。獨居老人們對於NSLI-Y學生的到訪都非常的驚喜,事後也都念念不忘。池上鄉的居民依賴農業為生,在池上的期間,NSLI-Y學生也拜訪了當地的農產品單位以及台灣冠軍米得主,透過他們的介紹更了解池上的有機米等等的農業發展。
As part of their spring trip, the NSLI-Y students participated in a community service opportunity in the rural township of ChiShang. Nestled between the Central Mountain Range and the Coastal Mountain Range, ChiShang is the rice capital of Taiwan. It is also home to a large population of duju laoren, elderly people who are living alone. The students cooperated with a local nonprofit foundation to cook sweet potatoes and deliver them to local elderly people. In addition to giving sweet potatoes, the students also performed a small concert at each home, singing traditional Taiwanese songs. As ChiShang relies on agricultural products to support its economy, the students were also able to meet with various organizations promoting local agriculture. They learned about ChiShang’s organic wheat and rice production, and even had the opportunity to meet with “Dr. Rice,” the rice farmer who has won the most national prizes. One very special moment from our time in ChiShang was learning about the town’s sacred tree. Now more than 200 years old, the tree has had a special meaning as the symbol of the town for decades. Like many of the elderly people we met in ChiShang, it, too, has fallen ill in the last few years. Approaching its final days, it now stands as a metaphor for human resilience and life itself. Just as we had with the elderly people of the town, we sang a song for the tree and wished it the best. 

In the rice fields

view of the central mountain range
View of the Central Mountain Range

Chi Shang has beautiful scenery!
Chi Shang has beautiful scenery! 

Learning how to cook sweet potatoes 

Performing a mini-concert

Visiting the sacred tree of Chi Shang