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NSLI-Y Students Participate in Rice Planting at Lotus Pond

posted 21 Jan 2014, 00:21 by Logan Krusac   [ updated 22 Jan 2014, 05:37 by Unknown user ]
[本計劃訊] 在一月接近尾聲的春節假期之前,NSLI-Y Taiwan的學生參與了獨特的插秧體驗活動,這個活動是由高雄市農業局所贊助的高雄城市農夫體驗活動,學生們在高雄市農業局長及在地農夫的指導下完成了被分配到了一小塊責任區負責水稻的插秧工作,兩個月學生們後將再次回到蓮池潭進行施肥與製作稻草人來守護水稻,到了五月也將親身體驗稻米的收成。

In late January, the students participated in a unique rice-planting opportunity sponsored by the Kaohsiung Department of Agriculture. The students were assigned a section of a small rice pond adjacent to Lotus Lake to plant rice shoots. With the help of the Kaohsiung Department of Agriculture Bureau Chief, they successfully completed the task. In two months, the students will return to fertilize their field. Two months later, they will return to harvest the rice they planted. 

The students were also featured in two newspapers. The electronic versions can be viewed here: 

Mikayla and Ishan get to work

The Kaohsiung Department of Agriculture Bureau Chief helps Mikayla

Garrett prepares to enter the rice pond

NSLI-Y students' first farming experience