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NSLI-Y Students Travel to Fo Guang Shan Temple

posted 12 Oct 2013, 07:18 by Logan Krusac   [ updated 15 Oct 2013, 07:47 by Unknown user ]
[本計劃訊] 本(10)月初,10位來自美國的高中生展開了首次的文化之旅至大社著名的佛光山進行兩天一夜的佛教文化體驗,抵達後的第一項體驗學生們與3500位和尚及尼姑一同在食堂享用素食的料理,其中學生感到最不可思議的是雖然與3500個人同時用餐,但是整個食堂卻鴉雀無聲。 第二天一早,學生於五點三十分就醒來參與早課的活動,並參觀了眾多的博物館及佛光山建設的歷史紀錄片,也享用了素食的佳餚,這周的文化之旅體驗提供了學生特別的佛教文化體驗。

In early October the NSLI-Y iEARN Taiwan students ventured outside of the city for their first cultural excursion to Fo Guang Shan Temple. Upon arrival, they were met by Venerable Hue Shou, a monk of Austrian descent who served as a tour guide for the weekend. The students’ first activity was sitting in a vast dining hall with room for 3500 people. There, after chanting, they ate a vegetarian meal among monks in silence. Afterwards, the students practiced calligraphy and toured the temple complex. 

The following morning the students awoke before 5:30 to attend the morning temple chanting alongside devout monks. The remainder of the day was spent exploring various museums, watching movies about the history of the temple, and eating an array of vegetarian cuisine. A weekend at Fo Guang Shan Temple provided the students with a memorable and unique introduction to Buddhism in Taiwan.

At the temple front gate

Sam and Josh practice calligraphy

Venerable Hue Shou guided the students through the temple

With Venerable Hue Shou and the Giant Buddha