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NSLI-Y Week 5 橋頭糖廠+岡山滷味博物館

posted 16 Oct 2014, 20:23 by Unknown user   [ updated 27 Oct 2014, 01:19 by Yen Chiang ]
On October, 1, 2014, eight students went on a CCL-sponsored trip with other Wenzao international students to Qiaotou district, where they visited a sugar cane factory and had the chance to put their language skills into practice, completing a worksheet on related vocabulary and information about the sugar cane factory in Chinese.  The students toured the old sugar cane factory grounds and learned about the Japanese occupation.  At another factory, they learned about the traditional Chinese cooking method called lu wei (all information was in Chinese).  The students even learned how to prepare the traditional lu wei eggs!  They were then led on a Chinese language tour of the factory, where they learned more about the lu wei process and the factory’s history and production.  Through the combination of formal study in their classes, using their language skills on cultural excursions and in everyday life, and with the help of their personal Chinese tutors, their Chinese language skills are improving day by day!