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NSLI-Y Week 6 拜訪當地廟宇

posted 20 Oct 2014, 01:21 by Unknown user   [ updated 27 Oct 2014, 02:12 ]

On Wednesday, October 8, all ten NSLIY students visited Sanfong Temple and the Sanfong Zhong Street market for a taste of traditional Taiwanese culture.

 The previous Friday, the students took a special cultural enrichment class where they learned about temple and folk culture in Taiwan.  Teacher Gong taught the students about Taiwan’s three main religions (Confucianism, Buddhism, and Daoism) as well as folk beliefs and superstitions (e.g. the goddess Mazu, lucky and unlucky numbers, what gifts to not give in certain social situations).  On Wednesday’s trip, the students could see for themselves all the curious and decidedly “foreign” things Teacher Gong told them about.


When the students arrived at Sanfong Temple, they were immediately struck by the brightly and elaborately decorated front gates of the temple.  The students then walked through the temple, exploring the different rooms filled with incense, altars, and shrines to different gods.  Freya remarked that the temple courtyard looked “just like Mulan!”.  The students even got to see Taiwanese women throwing down red blocks to communicate with the goddess Mazu, which they learned about in their cultural enrichment class. 


After the temple visit, the students were treated to traditional shaved ice before heading to Sanfong Zhong Street.  There, the students walked through the market, which was filled with traditional Chinese stalls selling many curious ingredients and dried goods, such as fungi, shark fin, and many types of mushrooms.  At the very end of the street, the students wrapped up the trip with a shopping spree at the candy stall—a sweet ending to a day filled with culture.

[2014/10/08] 繼華語中心文化課程談到台灣廟宇之後,學生們趁著星期三的下午搭公車到高雄三鳳宮走一趟。