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NSLI-Y Week 7 文藻華語中心演講比賽

posted 20 Oct 2014, 01:53 by Unknown user   [ updated 27 Oct 2014, 00:11 by Yen Chiang ]
On October 15, 2014, two NSLI-Y students, Molly and Ryan, participated in Wenzao University's Speech Contest.  In Molly's speech, she explained how she hoped to experience the heart of Chinese culture during her time here in Taiwan in addition to improving her Chinese language skills.  Ryan's speech described a time when he got on the wrong bus going home; although he was nervous at first because of his mistake and was unsure of his surroundings, he was able to make it into a cultural learning experience.

Although Molly and Ryan did not place in the contest, their efforts were highly impressive and commendable!  The NSLI-Y and iEARN staff are all very proud that these two students took on the challenge of giving a speech in Chinese and are excited to see what other challenges they take on in the future.

[2014/10/15] 雖然剛到台灣短短的7周,茉莉Molly和宜剛Ryan很有勇氣的報名了華語中心的演講比賽。