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Christmas in Taiwan 在台灣過聖誕節

posted 22 Apr 2013, 06:05 by Logan Krusac

在國外過本國的節日有時候會想家。今年iEARN Taiwan 安排了一個聖誕節晚會。大家一起團圓地吃飯、交換禮物、玩遊戲就感覺很好啊!


December 26, 2012

Being outside one's home country for the holidays can really make you miss your family  and traditions back home! To make the students' experience of being abroad a little easier and more enjoyable, iEARN Taiwan prepared a Christmas celebration at their office!

To celebrate the holiday, we decorated a tree, exchanged gifts, played games, and ate tons of western food! Dinner included burritos, pizza, ribs, cheese, cornbread, tomato soup, salad, cookies, tiramisu, and more! Everyone had a good time and was glad to be together to celebrate the holiday. 

Christmas dinner: burritos, pizza, cheese, tiramisu, salad, tomato soup, and more!

Carly and Ben decorating the tree

playing games