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台東之旅,池上義工機會 Our Trip to Taitung, Volunteering in Chi Shang

posted 25 Apr 2013, 08:26 by Logan Krusac
January 28, 2013

After spending a few days in Hualien, we headed southward to Taitung County. While in Taitung, we were hosted by Taitung High School, where we learned a great deal about Taiwan's history and culture. Taitung has a very large population of aboriginal people and has preserved the ancient aboriginal culture of Taiwan. One of the highlights of our school visit was having the opportunity to learn more about this unique culture; Taitung High School has a special class to learn about aboriginal culture. While at the school, we made crafts, tried on clothing, learned songs, and played traditional instruments. On our last day at the school, we even participated in chemistry experiments! We all appreciate that the school  truly welcomed us as their own students.

Another highlight was having another home stay experience staying at our new friends' homes. One of my favorite moments was walking in a park and singing the US and Taiwanese national anthems together. 

On our final day in eastern Taiwan, we traveled to a very small town called Chi Shang. While there, we participated in a volunteer activity during which we visited elderly people who are living alone. Together, we sang songs, chatted, and drank tea. As it turns out, Chi Shang is a place of natural beauty. When we were visiting, it happened to be the season that the fields of mustard plants are blooming, creating a majestic scenery that seemed to be out of a movie. 

We had a truly unforgettable week in eastern Taiwan. Check out our pictures and videos below to learn more about this week of exploring Taiwan's natural and cultural history. 

Making aboriginal crafts

Aboriginal Percussion Instruments

Playing aboriginal percussion instruments

Learning Aboriginal Songs

Learning aboriginal songs

Carly participating in chemistry experiments

The US and Taiwanese National Anthems

Singing our national anthems together

Our new friends from Taidong High School

Having lunch on a train car in Chi Shang

Christian Explains an "Ancient Chinese Poem"

While in Chi Shang, Christian encountered a special poem which he interpreted for us

A bamboo raft in Chi Shang

Majestic mustard fields in Chi Shang

Frolicking in the Flowers

Majestic mustard fields in Chi Shang


Majestic mustard fields in Chi Shang