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Our Trip to MeiNong 美濃之旅

posted 30 Mar 2013, 01:16 by Logan Krusac




October 23, 2012

For our first trip outside of Kaohsiung, we traveled to the nearby Hakka town of Meinong. On the way to Meinong, we stopped in Qishan, where we visited Taiwan’s largest Confucian temple and ate the local specialty—banana cream puffs. After eating our unique and delicious snack, we headed toward Meinong. Founded during the 17th century, Meinong was originally inhabited by people of the Hakka ethnicity who emigrated from mainland China beginning in the 1600s. Today, about 90% of its 40,000 residents are Hakka. 

With more than 300 years of history, the town has developed its own culture, traditions, and products. The most iconic products are Meinong’s paper umbrellas and clay pottery. While in Meinong, the NSLI-Y students were taught by a local artisan and had the opportunity to make clay bowls and paint paper umbrellas. Besides Meinong handicrafts, the students also indulged in some of the local delicacies, namely “ban tiao.” Ban tiao are noodles made of a rice-based liquid that is poured into square pans, steamed over boiling water, and finally cut into long strips. After a long day of making artwork and trying new foods, we made a final stop at Meinong’s East Gate, one of the oldest standing structures in the town.  As we prepared to leave, the students were already planning their next trip to this majestic town of endless fields surrounded by mountain peaks.

QiShan Confucius Temple

Carly making a bowl

A traditional Hakka meal

The old village gate

Painting paper umbrellas

The girls' final products

The boys' final products