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Tainan School Visit 台南學生交流時間

posted 22 Apr 2013, 02:38 by Logan Krusac




December 13, 2012

This month we will have two opportunities to travel to Tainan for school visits. Tainan, located near Kaohsiung in the southwest, is a former capital of Taiwan and was the first site to be invaded by the Dutch in the early 17th century. Due to its unique history and importance over time, Tainan is known as a city with many unique historical sites, including early western forts, ancient temples, and battlegrounds. Tainan is also widely recognized for its special snacks sold at Taiwan's largest night market. 

During our trip to Tainan this past weekend, we visited Kuen Shan Senior High School. The school was very welcoming, and took us on a two-day adventure through the city, visiting all of the key historical sites. During those two days, the students learned a great deal about Taiwan's rich history. Some of the highlights from our trip include singing karaoke, visiting temples from the 17th century, exploring Taiwan's first Confucian Temple, experiencing Taiwan's largest night market, and visiting the Museum of Taiwanese History. 

The students had a great time in Taiwan with their new friends. Check out the final video below to hear their thoughts about the visit and their appreciation of the school's efforts!

Ben and his new friend play piano

Ben Plays Piano as Friends Sing Along

Hunter plays a traditional outdoor game

Learning a Traditional Outdoor Game

Learning how to play the drums

Learning to Play Drums

Everyone together for a group picture

At the Museum of Taiwanese History

Exploring historical sights in Tainan

Students Express their Thanks to the School in Tainan