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Students Participate in Annual Mid-Term Workshop

posted 20 Jan 2014, 07:34 by Logan Krusac   [ updated 20 Jan 2014, 23:51 by Unknown user ]
[本計劃訊] 1月10日午後,5位NSLI-Y台灣學生齊聚於華語中心的教室即將進行一年一度的期中分享,此次分享學生除了寫了一段文字報告,另外也進行口頭分享與團體表演他們近5個月來的文化體驗成果。其中在個人簡報的部分,學生們主要分享他們在抵達台灣前的預期與現實差異所帶來的驚奇表現,而疃體表演則呈現從抵達台灣後每一個月的生活改變與每一次的文化體驗所帶來的心想發與新思維。

In early January, we held our annual mid-term workshop. The workshop consisted of three parts: 1) a written essay 2) an individual oral presentation, and 3) a group skit. For their individual presentations, the student shared their experience in Taiwan up to the halfway point of the program. Their humorous group skit chronicled the evolution of their daily life in Taiwan since arriving through December. 

Video of the midterm workshop can be viewed here: