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Volunteering at the Tzu Chi Kaohsiung Recycling Center

posted 23 Jan 2014, 02:08 by Logan Krusac   [ updated 12 Feb 2014, 18:33 by Unknown user ]
[本計劃訊] 昨日下午NSLI-Y Taiwan的學生們前往高雄慈濟靜思堂參觀,透過導覽人員的詳細解說及介紹,學生們對於慈濟的背景以及慈濟在社會國際上的救援醫療和投入的心力更加了解。參訪過後,學生們隨即轉往慈計環保教育回收站,在現場其他的慈濟志工的協助指導下實際捲起袖子,做起垃圾分類。完成首次的環保回收志工服務後,NSLI-Y Taiwan的學生都表示希望能再安排時間回到回收站,做更多的社區服務回饋。
In late January, the students traveled to the Tzu Chi Buddhist Jing Si Hall. After touring the hall and learning about Tzu Chi's projects around the world, the students went to the recycling center, where they sifted through piles of trash to separate recyclables of various material.
Jing Si Hall

Separating Recyclables 

Separating Recyclables 

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