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Week 18 NSLI-Y 耶誕派對

posted 21 Jan 2016, 16:35 by Unknown user


這個月,除了忙碌於華語課程以及其他活動,也是重要的NSLI-Y Christmas Party.  









YouTube 影片

YouTube 影片


2015年底,感恩的季節。感謝每年照顧美國學生的接待家庭,感謝參與這個計畫的每個人,老師學生的投入,團隊的用心。還有這些遠道而來認真學習語言與在地文化的NSLIY學生。祝福大家有個幸運平安順遂的猴年。Merry Christmas and Happy Monkey Year! 

From NSLI-Y RD Sophia Kor - 

Happy Holidays from the NSLI-Y Taiwan group! From the beginning of December, the holiday spirit was in the air. Christmas music was playing at every  coffee shop, wreaths and Christmas trees were displayed at many stores and  restaurants, and the feeling of benevolence filled everybody’s hearts! And while the  NSLI-Y students were rigorously studying for their classes, they could not wait until  December 22, the day of their Christmas party with their host families.

The students came early to help prepare Christmas decoration and make  cookies at the restaurant Jacaranda, famous for their Chicago deep-dish pizza. When the families came, the students guided them to sign their names on their DIY  Christmas tree and to take pictures with Santa (Brayton!) next to the Christmas tree. 

To top it off, this young Santa even had a long white beard and a big belly.  The students then interrupted dinner to give a surprise performance for   their families. They opened their act by singing Jingle Bells in Mandarin and We 

Wish You a Merry Christmas. Next, they performed a skit in Mandarin, which  explained how many American families traditionally like to go to the mall to take  pictures with Santa. The performance ended with a beautiful rendition of Santa  Baby sung by Deja and Baek, with Brayton and Alex as backup dancers.

The night ended with cookie decorating and a game of White Elephant,  where every family got to take home a random present. With their bellies filled, the  families left happily. Overall, the night was cozy and allowed the students to  positively experience Christmas abroad.

2015.12. NSLI-Y Christmas in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.