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NSLI-Y Week 8

posted 26 Oct 2014, 23:52 by Yen Chiang   [ updated 27 Oct 2014, 00:45 ]
 In their eighth week in Taiwan, the NSLI-Y students have more or less settled into their daily routines at Wenzao University.  On October 24th and 25th, however, the students took a very special trip to San Hua High School in Tainan. There, they spent an action-packed two days with a group of 20 exceptional San Hua students and were able to experience life in Taiwan as a teenager, which was a nice break from their university lives!

After being greeted by the enthusiastic San Hua students, everyone made their way to the library, where the NSLI-Y and San Hua students took turns giving presentations on special foods from their respective countries.  They then worked together to complete a game based on the foods they learned about before heading to the school home economics classroom for even more food activities.   


The NSLI-Y and San Hua students broke into four groups, and in their groups they made sugar cookies and pineapple cakes that were then sold for charity.  The NSLI-Y students had an absolute blast with their San Hua counterparts; for the entire two hours that they spent baking, the classroom was filled with the sound of laughter and conversation (as well as the delicious smell of cookies and cakes!).


The NSLI-Y students spent the night at one of the San Hua students' homes.  Most of the students went to the night market, but they did not stay long, as they had to be back at school early the next morning for a trip to the Ten Drum Culture Village.  The NSLI-Y and San Hua students went on a guided tour of the beautiful village grounds, which had been converted from an old sugar cane factory, and were treated to a breathtaking performance by the Ten Drum Art Percussion Group.  The students also learned about the process of creating the drums, and even got a little drumming lesson themselves!


The students' Tainan adventure did not stop after the tour.  They continued on to the Confucius Temple, the first of its kind in Taiwan, and browsed the old traditional stores nearby.  Finally, the time came for the NSLI-Y students to say farewell to their San Hua friends.  Although their time together was brief, the bonds the students made were deep, and they are sure to last for a long time to come.