2011-12 NSLI-Y Highlight

NSLI-Y Taiwan 2011-2012 Students' Introductions


 Hello readers, my name is Ben. I’m very excited to be in Taiwan this year. Two of my biggest passions are language and travel, so this is basically my dream! I’m hoping that this experience will help me realize what I want to do in college and ultimately what I want to accomplish in life.


My name is Nora and I live in the Zuoying District of Kaohsiung with my host siblings, Joanne and Leo, and my two host parents. In my life before becoming Ban Rou (or Lady Ban Rou by those who know my love of singing Lady Gaga songs at KTV), I lived in Chicago, IL and attended my now alma mater St. Ignatius College Prep. Aside from going for long walks on the beach and reading romance novels, my hobbies include photography, art, traveling, and being active. I’ve never studied Chinese before, but I enjoy being called a Meiguoren and having small children (and sometimes adults too) stare at me on the streets, so I decided to come to Taiwan for a year. Oh and I enjoy learning about East/West cultural differences, which I do mostly by eating lots of food and sampling teas.


Hi! My name is McKenzie. I’m from Nashville, and I’m taking a gap year to learn Chinese! I took four years in high school, and I feel so lucky to have this amazing opportunity to study abroad. Participating in Model United Nations, Governor’s School for the International Relations, traveling to China, and taking Chinese and Spanish for four years in high school piqued my interest in the international. I’m excited to take my classroom Chinese and apply it in the real world!


My name is Brandon and I just recently graduated from the Yadkin Early College High School in North Carolina. One of my many passions is language learning and cultural understanding. Prior to my time abroad, I studied Mandarin Chinese through the North Carolina Virtual Public High School for a year as well as Spanish for two and a half through the same program. Due to the fact that I will have ample time to increase my language abilities, my long-term goal is intermediate proficiency by the end of my stay in the R.O.C.

Upon my return in the United States, I would like to pursue a double major in Chinese and Spanish at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia. I am also considering pursuing an education in law with a focus in immigration. Therefore, I will be able to utilize my language abilities on a daily basis.

I am looking forward to my time spent abroad and cannot wait to see where my studies take me by the end of the scholarship program!

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